We present our production of Eau de Parfum 

with an assortment in packs of 30 ml., 50 ml. and 100 ml. 

For the realization of these perfumes, high quality fragrances

 have been used which release 

the contents of essential oils and make the highly persistent

 perfumes appear on the skin. 

Cod. 115 Eau de Parfum Amber ml. 50

Amber is an intoxicating and precious fragrance,it gives the perfume a woody appearance. 

Cod. 116 Eau de Parfum Bamboo ml. 50

Bamboo is a fresh,light and exotic scent. 

Cod. 117 Eau de Parfum Basil ml. 50

Basil gives a fresh and sweet scent. 

Cod. 118 Eau de Parfum Bergamot ml. 50

The action of the bergamot of Reggio Calabria in the parfum carries out a natural fixing action,releasing the active ingredients that intensely perfume the skin. 

Cod. 119 Eau de Parfum Bluris ml. 50

Bluris is a parfum with fresh and delicate olfactory notes. 

Cod. 120 Eau de Parfum Camellia ml. 50

The camellia gives off a sweet,delicate but intense scent.

Cod. 121 Eau de Parfum Coconut ml. 50

Coconut is able to givean intense and persistent aroma on the skin.

Cod. 122 Eau de Parfum Lotus Flower ml. 50

The lotus flower ensures a sense of pleasant well-being to the body.

Cod. 123 Eau de Parfum Strawberry ml. 50

Cod. 124 Eau de Parfum Gardenia ml. 50

A parfum with sweet and enveloping notes.

Cod. 125 Eau de Parfum Jasmine ml. 50

Floral scent,sweet and intoxicating with light fruity notes.

Cod. 126 Eau de Parfum Broom ml. 50

The scent of broom gives a sense of freshness and sweetness. 

Cod. 127 Eau de Parfum Lavander ml. 50

Lavander releases a relaxing effect and its scent persists over time.

Cod. 128 Eau de Parfum Lemon Green ml. 50 

Its scent is citrus,fresh,sparkling.

Cod. 129 Eau de Parfum Lilac' ml. 50

The scent is flowery with fresh aspects.

Cod. 130 Eau de Parfum Tangerine ml. 50

Citrusy,fresh and aromatic scent.

Cod. 131 Eau de Parfum Sweet Almond ml. 50

The scent is sweet,clean,fruity.

Cod. 132 Eau de Parfum Mango ml. 50

The mango scent is exotic.

Cod. 133 Eau de Parfum Green Apple ml. 50

Cod. 134 Eau de Parfum Mimosa ml. 50 

Intense and flowery bouquet.

Cod. 135 Eau de Parfum Myrtle ml. 50

The myrtle scent is spicy,fresh,aromatic and woody.

Cod. 136 Eau de Parfum Thrush ml. 50

It is a fresh,floral and musky fragrance.

Cod. 137 Eau de Parfum White Musk ml. 50

Sweet,enveloping and comfortable fragrance. 

Cod. 138 Eau de Parfum Narcissus ml. 50

Floral,sweet and delicate scent.

Cod. 139 Eau de Parfum Papaja ml. 50

Fruity and exotic scent.

Cod. 140 Eau de Parfum Patchiully ml. 50

Woody,deep fragrance.

Cod. 141 Eau de Parfum White Pepper ml. 50 

It is a spicy and fresh perfume.

Cod. 142 Eau de Parfum Scots Pine ml. 50

Woody, spicy,and fresh scents.

Cod. 143 Eau de Parfum Grapefruit ml. 50

Citrus and fresh scent.

Cod. 144 Eau de Parfum Tea Rose ml. 50

Flowery and fruity aroma.

Cod. 145 Eau de Parfum Sandal ml. 50

It is a warm and woody scent.

Cod. 146 Eau de Parfum White Tea ml. 50

Sweet and delicate fragrance.

Cod. 147 Eau de Parfum Tuberose ml. 50

It is a bold and mysterious perfume. 

Cod. 148 Eau de Parfum Vanilla Fruit ml. 50

Sensual and fruity,sweet and charming scent.

Cod. 148 Eau de Parfum Vetiver ml. 50

Woody,dry and deep perfume.

Cod. 149 Eau de Parfum Violet ml. 50

The violet gives off a sweet scent.

Cod. 150 Eau de Parfum Orange Blossom ml. 50

The essence of orange blossom is obtained from citrus flowers,whose freshness envelops us in its intoxicating scent.

Cod. 151 Eau de Parfum Ylang Ylang ml. 50

Intense,flowery,spicy and aphrodisiac aroma.