Body Cream Bergaderm 

Creamy and easily absorbed emulsion enriched with active ingredients with emollient and protective properties that help the skin to maintain its natural balance. The bergamot of Reggio Calabria has a refreshing action. 

Cod. 417 Body Cream Bergaderm ml. 15

To have a toned and emollient body.Practical package to always carry with you. 

Cod. 418 Body Cream Bergaderm ml. 100 

Gives softness and protection to the body.Fluid cream with rapid absorption day-night.

Cod. 419 Body Cream Bergaderm ml. 250

Large and satisfying packaging in the amount of 250 ml. 

Hand Cream Bergaleniderm

Creamy and easily absorbed emulsion enriched with active ingredients typical of the bergamot of Reggio Calabria and with emollient and restorative properties that help protect the hands from
 the aggressions of external agents,giving them sweetness and softness.

Cod. 420 Hand Cream Bergaleniderm ml. 15 

For soft and protected hands,apply a light layer of cream, massaging gently, every time you wash your hands. The pack of ml. 15 always to take with you wherever you are.

Cod. 421 Hand Cream Bergaleniderm ml. 100

For protected and soft hands. The product absorbs quickly and leaves no trace of greasiness.

Dermo Gel Gio' 
Hand Sanitizer

Dermo Gel Gio' is a gel suitable for instant and effective han sanitization,containing 75 % alcohol capable of reducing cleansing and sanitizing hands without water.

Cod. 422 Dermo Gel Gio' Hand Sanitizer ml. 100 

It is a product whose main properties can be summarized as follows:sanitation,protection and practicality.

Cod. 423 Dermo Gel Gio' Hand Sanitizer ml. 500

Dermo Gel Gio' represents the simplest and most immediate answer for those who are attentive to the dangers of the environment and are more demanding in terms of hygiene,especially of the hands. It dries quickly,leaving the hands fresh thanks to the properties of the mint,soft and disinfected,typical of the Bergamot of Reggio Calabria.

Cod. 424 Dermo Gel Gio' Hand Sanitizer ml. 5000

You can use it at any time or on any occasion.