Shower Gel Star Gio' 

Gently cleanses respecting the dermal ph of the skin. Its sweet and scented foam tones and keeps the skin soft and supple, leaving a persistent scent on it.

Cod. 393 Shower Gel Bergamot ml. 100

Cod. 394 Shower Gel Bergamot ml. 250

Cod. 394 Shower Gel Bergamot ml. 500

Cod. 396 Shower Gel Bergamot ml. 1000

Cod. 397 Shower Gel Milk ml. 100 

Cod. 398 Shower Gel Milk ml. 250

Cod. 399 Shower Gel Milk ml. 500

Cod. 400 Shower Gel Milk ml. 1000

Cod. 401 Shower Gel Orange Blosson ml. 250

Cod. 402 Shower Gel Orange Blosson ml. 500

Cod. 403 Shower Gel Jasmine ml. 250

Cod. 403 Shower Gel Jasmine ml. 500

Cod. 405 Shower Gel Honey ml. 500

Shampoo Star Gio' 

Gently cleanses hair stressed by atmopheric agents and by the use of a hairdryer and straightener.Gives shine and a sweet scent. 

Cod. 406 Shampoo Bergamot ml. 100

Cod. 407 Shampoo Bergamot ml. 250

Cod. 408 Shampoo Bergamot ml. 500

Cod. 409 Shampoo Bergamot ml. 1000

Liquid Soap Star Gio' 

Daily use of cosmetic liquid soap allows you to cleanse your hands and face. 

Cod. 410 Liquid Soap Bergamot ml. 500

Cod. 410 Liquid Soap Milk ml. 500