Essential OiIs

We offer the possibility to buy precious pure essential oils. Our production is applied more to citrus essential oils
(Orange, Bergamot, Lemon, Mandarin), but on request we can also supply other essential oils *.

Conf.: 1 Bottle of 15 ml. , 30 ml. , 100 ml, 250 ml and 1000 ml.

* Excluding the Bergamot which is on sale in our Shop (15 ml and 30
ml.), for other essential oils it is necessary to contact us directly

Cod. 287-288-289 Essential Oil Sweet Orange

Cod. 293-294-295 Essential Oil Bergamot

Cod. 317-318-319 Essential Oil Cinnamon

Cod. 296-297-298 Essential Oil Cypress

Cod. 299-300-301 Essential Oil Lavender

Cod. 302-303-304 Essential Oil Lemon

Cod. 305-306-307 Essential Oil Tangerine

Cod. 308-309-310 Essential Oil Peppermint

Cod. 311-312-313 Essential Oil Niaouly

Cod. 314-315-316 Essential Oil Origan

Cod. 478 Essential Oil Pine Tree

Cod. 320-321-322 Essential Oil Rosemary

Cod. 323-324-325 Essential Oil Tea Tree 

Cod. 326-327 Distilled Essential Oil of Bergamot of Reggio Calabria

Aromatic Oils

Our aromatic oils perfume the whole house by releasing an intense and intoxicating smell into the rooms.                                              Suitable for placing in heaters in the winter season.  You can find them in packs of ml. 15, ml. 100, ml. 250 and ml. 1000.

Cod. 336-337-338-339 Bergamot Aromatic Oil

Cod.  Chamomile Aromatic Oil

Cod. Eucalyptus Aromatic Oil

Cod. Jasmine Aromatic Oil

Cod.  Lavender Aromatic Oil

Cod. Tangerine Aromatic Oil

Cod. Sweet Almond Aromatic Oil

Cod.  Peppermint Aromatic Oil

Cod.  Wheat germs Aromatic Oil

Cod.  Pink Aromatic Oil

Cod.  Sandal Aromatic Oil

Cod.  Orange Blossom Aromatic Oil

Cod.  Bergamot Aromatic Oil for massages